Synthetic Hair

Product Image Price- Item Name
Luxe Angle Liner Brush $9.50


Luxe Angle Liner Brush

Super soft and great for creating winged eyeliner or shading in brows. Synthetic Hair
Luxe Concealer Brush $18.00


Luxe Concealer Brush

Soft and smooth, this Taklon concealer brush is perfect for applying our concealers and colour correctors. Synthetic Hair
Luxe Eyeliner Brush $9.50


Luxe Eyeliner Brush

Use with Intensify to turn your favourite eyeshadow into a beautiful liquid liner. Or use dry for a soft line. Synthetic Hair
Luxe Flat Eyeshadow Brush $21.00


Luxe Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Slightly wider and shorter than the Luxe Concealer Brush, this brush give fantastic application and coverage over the whole eyelid. Synthetic Hair
Luxe Kabuki Brush $40.00


Luxe Kabuki Brush

This Kabuki honestly feels like velvet! A vegan friendly version of our Studio Kabuki. Synthetic hair.
Luxe Oval Eyeshadow Brush $14.00


Luxe Oval Eyeshadow Brush

An oval eyeshadow brush is one of the essential brushes for any kit. Supersoft and versatile. Synthetic Hair

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